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About Us

As parents watch the nightmare unfold when their teen becomes self-destructive, they wonder how they will ever reconnect with the son or daughter that they fear they are losing. It is the most helpless, hopeless feeling in the world, and it can overwhelm an entire family with unimaginable pain, chaos, and despair. Teen Challenge’s adolescent programs understand this heartache and can step in with age-appropriate care, an opportunity to continue pursuing an education, and Christian mentoring that can help young people find their way back to who they were before they got lost in life-controlling problems. Life-controlling problems of teens are not limited to drugs or alcohol. Many of them struggle with the debris of divorce, have experienced traumas like sexual assault or violence, bullying, peer pressure, and awkwardness that accompanies the challenges of growing up. Through the structure, accountability, and camaraderie set in a Christian environment, Teen Challenge offers adolescents and their families constructive time and space to regroup and rediscover life, health, and well-being.

Jordan's Story

He was a good kid … the son of a pastor, grew up in church, and went to a small Christian college. There he excelled in track and football, until an injury changed everything. Jordan’s broken ankle required two surgeries and prescription pain medication. Jordan began to depend on the meds and, as the prescriptions ran out, he started looking for more, digging through the medicine cabinets and bathroom drawers of every home he entered. Soon he was shopping for pills on the street and stealing in order to afford them. As his addiction worsened, Jordan began crushing pills in order to inhale them or inject them. When Jordan was expelled from college after failing his second drug test, his parents immediately entered him into the Teen Challenge program. During the next twelve months at Teen Challenge, God changed Jordan’s life, bringing him healing and restoration. After Jordan graduated from Teen Challenge he returned to college, completed his degree, and got a job as an athletic coach at the same school that had once expelled him.